The Dance of Difference is a metaphor that reflects the reality of daily life. Our world is extremely diverse so we are frequently moving in and out of interactions with people of different identities. Even in our families of origin we experience difference by gender, by age, or by sexual orientation. Increasingly families are also diverse by race, by national origin, and by language. We also interact with people of different identities in the workplace and in our communities.

Given that we are surrounded by difference, some important questions that we might ponder are: What is the nature and texture of our interactions across difference? How conscious are we that prejudices and biases we may have learned are impacting our relationships with others? How can we work to eliminate unintended biases that are embedded in organizational policies and practices? How can we go beyond the superficial, enrich our lives and create more harmonious and productive work environments?

These are some of the issues that are addressed in our publications, in our speaking engagements, and in our consultations. We recognize that regardless of our differences that we have much in common that we can appreciate. We are, after all, One Human Family.

For those that are interested in exploring this Dance of Difference, the first book in the trilogy, Dance of Difference: The New Frontier of Sexual Orientation, has been published and is now available for purchase on The author, Shirley Fletcher, is available for book readings, signings, speaking engagements, and consulting engagements.
"Shirley Anderson Fletcher does something rare in this book. She writes about homophobia and LGBT inclusion from the perspective of a heterosexual.  She has the courage and insight to look deeply at her own socialization as a heterosexual and how that socialization is reflective of larger societal norms. The heart of the book is the transcript of a compelling conversation she had with a Gay friend and colleague. The conversation itself is a journey for both Shirley and her friend as well as the reader.

This book, while resonant and moving, also manages to provide some practical advise for readers who wish to move further on their own learning journey.

This is an important book for heterosexuals who are open to hearing some painful truths. Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgendered people will be pleased to hear our story told so powerfully through the pen of a heterosexual woman."

Mark G. Kaplan, President MGK Consulting LLC
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